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Making It: Jeremy Ley’s tips on becoming a successful illustrator . PART 2 .

In the second part of the Jeremy Ley interview, we explore more tangible “where-to-from-here” steps with Jeremy sharing his workplace set-up, how he got his name out in the public … Continue reading

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Making It: Jeremy Ley’s tips on becoming a successful illustrator . PART 1 .

For aspiring illustrators, getting ahead is hard work. Competition is steep and the appetite for stylised illustrative work can be sporadic. Establishing a unique brand that can appeal to a mass commercial … Continue reading

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Illustration Trends for 2014

A look at what’s hot and what’s not from stylistic and workplace perspectives. Illustration and graphic design is a relationship that will never go stale. There is no denying that … Continue reading

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A Carbon-Neutral Christmas: It can happen!

This Christmas season I vow to keep it carbon neutral. STAGE 1: DECORATIONS First step I’m taking is creating my own decorations out of materials that I find around my … Continue reading

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The Day of the Pug

The dog days have just begun and the pug is leading the way. Put away your cat paraphernalia because there’s a new pet in town and it is the pug. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Creative Animated .GIFs

We’ve all seen it – the resurgence of animated GIFs into popular culture. Usually they’re celebrity spoofs or cheap gags involving confused kittens. Personally, I’m not a fan of this … Continue reading

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Copy that, Aldi.

The current advertising campaign from Aldi, promoting their Expressi coffee range is nothing short of genius. I cannot emphasise how much I love these ads. At the crux, it is … Continue reading

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