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Against the typical grain of thinking.

Copy that, Aldi.

Aldi Expressi Yourself - AristocratAldi Expressi Yourself - RapperThe current advertising campaign from Aldi, promoting their Expressi coffee range is nothing short of genius.

I cannot emphasise how much I love these ads. At the crux, it is quite an inexpensive, clean and simple campaign, which speaks to the Aldi brand.

Where it wins is in the copy. In other words – the dialogue.

Running with the premise of “Expressi yourself”, each coffee is given a different persona: the rapper, the aristocrat and (my favourite), the artist.

Nowhere in the ad, is there the typical imagery of a steaming cup of coffee or even the typical packaging placement, front and centre.

What we are given is the coffee capsules, comically placed across the bodies of these pumped up characters, as they share their relationship to coffee.

It is a very tongue in cheek approach and it works.

Aldi Expressi Yourself - ArtistMy favourite lines from the ad come from the Artist. Deep in thought, he ponders the idea of existence: “Do I consume the coffee or does the coffee consume me…”

Then in a state of hysteria, obviously overwhelmed with the existential existence of the coffee, he exclaims, “YOU USED TO BE WATER!!

It cracks me up every time. Genius.

Watch the ad here


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