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Top 10 Creative Animated .GIFs

We’ve all seen it – the resurgence of animated GIFs into popular culture. Usually they’re celebrity spoofs or cheap gags involving confused kittens.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this particular type of gif. I find them to be a bit, dare I say it, cheap and uncouth.

What I am a fan of are the layered and illustrative gifs that sometimes feel like you’re watching a flash animation rather than a wee gif.

Here are 10 of my favourites:

1. Street Sign Monster 2 by Fraser Davidson

Street Sign Monster 2

2. Anthropology Octopus, a newsletter.

Antrhopologie Octopus

3. Cameras by Fraser Davidson


4. Designer is unknown for this one but here’s where I got it from.


5. An email promo created for Kate Spade.


6. Legoland by Mical Reynaud


7. Nike campaign by Simon Prades


8. App loader by Peter Had


9. Stanley Donwood’s, Hollywood Doom, turned to a gif on Spin.

Hollywood Doom

10. (uh oh, a cat gif, one got in…) This is also from Asiantown so the designer is unknown but I’ve nicknamed it, “Hipster Cat”.

Hipster Cat


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