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The Day of the Pug

The dog days have just begun and the pug is leading the way.

Put away your cat paraphernalia because there’s a new pet in town and it is the pug. That’s right; pugs are in and cats are out. You heard it here first.

Dog lovers can finally take a sigh of relief. No longer do you have to endure cat memes popping up on your news feeds. Pugs have taken over and they’re here to stay.

This is not a battle of the pug versus the cat. No, no. There’s only space on the mantel for one and cats are being flushed out to the cyber wilderness completely . Make way for the most astute canine representative (and eternal cat nemesis) – The Pug.



Pug Fashion Cat Hats
Don’t look now but I think somebody wants to eat your hat.
Pug named Norm Cat-Atelier-Cat-Fashion-Designer
One selfie exudes ‘cool’, the other exudes ‘pretentious wanker’.
$T2eC16RHJGIE9nnWqyFCBRIkC8SDTQ~~60_35 grumpy-cat-shorts-DIY
I think it’s fairly self-explanatory as to why pugs are winners in the fashion stakes.
dog-cushions DSC06316
I’m sure I could’ve found a more classy image of cat-themed homeware but I thought this picture pretty much sums up best the dark road that cat decor can go down.
Mount-Pug-by-Kengo-Kuma-3 sasquatch-pet-bed
If 10 years from now you’re asked, “why did the cat thing die out?” show them the picture of the cat in the crock. It will explain everything.
tattly_gemma_correll_pug_on_bike_web_design_01_grande no_ugly_cats_postage_stamp-r9853562888ca4f32a9459ec9f0a0f3b5_xjsw1_8byvr_512
No such thing as an ugly cat? I beg to differ.
insta-1 df3d4a2ae7e9118b_lollydi
Novelty jumpers are not a good look on humans let alone cats. Ray Bans, on the other hand, may have a dated look on mankind but it sure can make a fat pug look the schnizzle.
Where’s the cat cake pop? Couldn’t find one? Me neither. Pugs rule!

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