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A Schooling on Expressionism

I’m more a follower than a scholar. I click ‘like’ and I’m following! There’s no shame to this. It is 2013; social media and websites are the go-to tools for … Continue reading

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BAAM! Valhalla Mural

The next time you find yourself in Fortitude Valley, take a look at the wall on the corner of Alfred and Brunswick Street. It’s pretty cool. The mural is for … Continue reading

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Ukiyo-e: Finding the New Vintage

Vintage has been on trend since the early 90s. Initially, it had come out with a nostalgic look to peace, love and harmony. Vintage meant hippie and we saw the … Continue reading

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Javier Perez – An Exercise in Creativity

I love this concept! Here’s a little project that was done by art director, Javier Perez: turning everyday objects into illustrations. Ok, it isn’t rocket science but it’s the simple … Continue reading

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The Great Barcellona

Luca Barcellona is a calligrapher and graphic designer based in Milan, Italy. He is brilliant. He started off as a graffiti artist before specialising into calligraphy and making a career of … Continue reading

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It’s been a good 18 months but I’m back building up some personal skills in illustration and design so that I can marry my passion with work. 🙂 There’ll be … Continue reading

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The Odd Luminary

This is a pretty interesting site, dedicated to the truly unique. Based out of Brooklyn (NY), the Odd Luminary describes itself as, “an online shop specializing in fine art and … Continue reading

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